A bridge linking land and tradition

Yeonggwang Bridge, South Korea - KR

Renowned in the whole country as a ground breaking and technologically advanced infrastructure, the Yeonggwang Bridge has been recently illuminated by an innovative LED lighting system by GRIVEN.

Completed in March 2018, the landscape lighting of Yeonggwang bridge is concentrated on the central part of the cable-stayed bridge, mainly illuminating its two majestic pylons and their cables.

In order to enhance the whole length of towers and cables, long-throw lighting fixtures were required to reach a satisfying luminance level up to the top of the high structure.

Therefore, 56 units of Powershine MK2 D and S RGBW  with spot optics were fixed in couples on sturdy metal supports located at the base of the towers in order to light them up till the top with an even light output or installed along the cable fixing points on the borders of the bridge to enlighten the metal ropes in their full length.  

To complete the lighting scheme, 8 units of Powershine MK2 S in RGBW colour configuration with medium optics and 8 units with wide optics were installed at the lower base of the two pylons to light up their basement at 360°.

All the fixtures have been equipped with dedicated anti-glare shields in order to grant the maximum drivers’ comfort and safety. Moreover, the whole DMX system is managed with the help of a number of two-channel DMX amplifiers, which split and boost the incoming DMX signal into 2 separate output channels in order to better reach all the fixtures installed on the bridge.

Best visible from the main entrance of Baekje Buddhism birthplace site, the LED lighting system will be automatically turned on every day 5 minutes after sunset.

The beautiful dynamic colour changing effect, which enliven the whole structure at night, delivers a new attractiveness to the bridge, already become a landmark in this region, linking land and tradition.