As a standard application, the plugin from DIALux is indispensable and, in the meanwhile, lighting design without this tool is almost unimaginable. With our new DIALux-Plugin, you have the possibility of accessing our technical lighting specifications and models quickly and easily.

Among others, highlights include a wide range of intuitive possibilities of finding the right luminaire or the complete luminaire model – for even easier planning. Or also the possibility of adapting the technical lighting specifications afterwards, e.g., directly in DIALux evo 9.1 if, for example, a different light distribution or equipping is required.

We would like to briefly present these highlights to you:

Always up to date


Product innovations or important information can be found directly on the plugin start screen. From here, you can go directly to the respective product with just one click and can individually configure the product within the framework of your planning.

Visual or technical?

Product search

Regarding product searches, we have paid special attention to the different search approaches. You can visually search via the product groups and then via the product images. Or you can search using only details, with the entire focus on technical requirements, such as mounting heights or wattage, for example. Entirely as you wish and according to your current needs.

Individually adjustable and configurable

Setting angle and rotation

When importing the ULD, you receive a complete model with the selected pole for your luminaire, so that a later adjustment of the mounting height or the later addition of a pole isn’t necessary in the planning software. You can also set the angle or rotation of the luminaire, in the specified increments, for the respective luminaire in the program.

Changing the light distribution?

Making changes directly in the planning

You’ve already started planning and now need a different wattage or an alternative light distribution? No problem and very convenient! Via a drop-down menu, you can change values directly in DIALux – without needing to create a new ULD.

DIALux Plugin


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