Blue vibes at the New Cathedral of Cuenca

Cathedral, Cuenca - EC

A World Cultural Heritage Site, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Cuenca, known as the Cathedral of Cuenca or the New Cathedral, has been recently lit up by an LED lighting system by GRIVEN, which enhances its amazing sky blue domes through a colour changing system.


Nowadays the cathedral is the icon of Cuenca and its amazing sky blue domes, which stand out throughout the historic center with a height of almost 60 meters, characterize the skyline of the city in a unique manner.

Financed entirely by the Fundación Iluminar Luz y Color para Cuenca, a new lighting project for the domes of the cathedral started in October 2018 in conjunction with the relevant structural restoration works of the domes themselves.

The authorities of Cuenca required low energy consumption and environmentally friendly LED luminaires to light up in white and blue tones the imposing domes of the cathedral, with the possibility to switch to different colours according to the festive or religious occasions of the city.

An array of PARADE S in cold white and POWERSHINE MKW D and S in RGBW colour configuration were installed directly on the cathedral domes and spires in order to obtain the required fixed white light and dynamic colour changing illumination, respectively on drums and domes of the cathedral.

The night view on the city is now really amazing: the coloured domes are visible from far away and draw the attention with their architectural perfection and amazing allure even at night.