Sensor technology

Door openers

A beautifully lit entrance of a building, residential complex or shopping centre. Increase comfort with doors that open automatically and that are perfectly integrated into the lighting system. We would gladly make your requirements a reality!


UV radiation / ozone / pollen

Taking it a step further: sensors for detecting UV radiation, ozone, pollen or particulate matter. Everything is possible, and connecting to the existing infrastructure lighting is also feasible – just let us know what your requirements are.


Sensors for detecting humidity: for statistical purposes or as an early warning device to indicate aquaplaning danger or flooded roads.


Sensors for recording traffic volume: for statistical purposes or coupled with traffic lights, they can provide “green waves”, thus ensuring smoother and more orderly traffic flow. The luminaires are already in the ideal location for this, making for an extremely successful synergy.


Sensors for recording temperature for statistical purposes. Coupled with digital traffic information systems, they can provide warnings about slippery roads, for example. The street lighting is already here, making it a perfect option.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors can do many things, including gathering data or detecting people, making them perfect for controlling systems – just think of need-based lighting, for example. Do you have any questions?