With DimPRO, control is provided with an additional module, a motion detector and an antenna as well as an external master module equipped with GPS. The master module transmits location, date and time to other luminaires. Data for the lighting system can be read out and new software versions uploaded. The included software allows programming to be done on site. Even more features and convenience: DimPRO!


Tvilight specializes in intelligent lighting control systems, offering proven solutions for lighting infrastructure. The wireless sensor devices provide on-demand lighting control that optimizes energy consumption and efficiency of maintenance. Safety is significantly improved through the use of intelligent lighting control systems. A robust, sustainable and efficient infrastructure is being created at the same time.


Hess – Certified Philips CityTouch Partner. CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting that includes web applications for managing street lights and analysing lighting data. The CityTouch software connects all lighting elements in your infrastructure, reducing costs, ensuring safety and providing more efficient operation.


Casambi is a control system based on an app and Bluetooth, making it wireless. It works with the devices of leading lighting manufacturers.

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DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a digital control protocol that has prevailed especially in event technology for lighting control. With this control signal, you can control many different functions that are on channels, e.g., the brightness of the individual colours. How many luminaires can be controlled with the DMX controller depends on the individual luminaires, which require more or fewer control circuits depending on the type. This kind of control comes into its own particularly in the combination of HESS and GRIVEN.