Lighting controller


DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a digital control protocol that has prevailed especially in event technology for lighting control. With this control signal, you can control many different functions that are on channels, e.g., the brightness of the individual colours. How many luminaires can be controlled with the DMX controller depends on the individual luminaires, which require more or fewer control circuits depending on the type. This kind of control comes into its own particularly in the combination of HESS and GRIVEN.


Casambi is a control system based on an app and Bluetooth, making it wireless. It works with the devices of leading lighting manufacturers.


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CLM - Constant Lumen Management

The luminous flux of all light sources, including LEDs, reduces as they age. The amount by which it reduces depends on various parameters. However, these days an electronic controller can counteract this reduction to provide constant luminous flux over the light sources entire life and save even more energy for good measure.

Without constant luminous flux

Without CLM

Over the course of a light sources life, its luminous flux falls by say 20% (L80B10), but the system output remains unchanged. The drop in luminous flux must be taken into account when planning through use of the lamp luminous flux maintenance factor (LLWF). This means that from the outset the lighting system has to be provided with more energy to take account of the drop in luminous flux and still provide the amount of light needed at the end of its life.

With constant luminous flux

With CLM

The integrated electronics increase the flux over the illuminant’s life and thereby keep the luminous flux constant. This does increase the system output over the illuminant’s life, but you save energy right from the start because you don’t have to oversize your lighting system.

These days, modern LED systems work in such a stable manner that they only lose a few percent of luminous flux over the course of their lives. The influence of constant luminous flux is therefore low.