Data collection

Data can be collected in a variety of ways – using sensors as well as cameras. These can be easily integrated into our multifunctional lighting systems, in a safe, reliable and unobtrusive manner. For example, look here!

Parking and signage system

Networking urban infrastructures with trucks, cars and buses. Parking and signage systems indicate free parking spaces and uncrowded routes, ensuring optimal and smooth traffic flow. We would be happy to assist you – with consultation or implementation.


Bring surfaces to life with GOBO projections – with playful elements on the ground to encourage children and young families to play, or with a city logo on a building façade to make a city even more memorable, for example. Or take advantage of so many other opportunities! We make your wishes a reality. Want some examples?

Examples needed?


Contrary to the popular saying, what you don’t know can hurt you. Make sure your target groups are provided with the right information. Through the integration of displays, you can show times and dates for theatrical performances, open-air events, train and public transportation connections or weather information. Isn’t that smart?