Emotions in white

Santuario de Loyola, Loyola - ES

Located in the Urola Valley (Basque Country, Spain), an idyllic setting surrounded by mountains, the Basilica at the Sanctuary of Loyola has been recently lit up in a warm shade of white by GRIVEN in cooperation with LAMP Spain.

A new illumination system was required by the Society of Jesus for the basilica of Loyola, which wanted to restyle its layout in view of the 500th anniversary of the Jesuits order foundation, which will be celebrated in 2021. GRIVEN was entrusted with the preliminary study of the illumination, which had to comply with some irrevocable requirements.

Installed on three different levels – portico, dome and lantern – an array of GRIVEN LED lighting fixtures deliver, through and accurate positioning and aiming, an amazing light output to the whole architecture, allowing a surprising enhancement of the finest architectural details of this beautiful church, now shining in a timeless splendour.