Getting colourfully ready for the Olympics 2018

Gangneung Ice Arena, Pyeongchang - KR

The XXIII Olympic Winter Games were held from 9 to 25 February 2018 in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea after 30 years from the Seoul Olympic Games of 1988. Located in Gangneung Olympic Park, Gangneung Ice Arena is one of the six newly-built venues for PyeongChang 2018.

It will host the figure skating and short track speed skating events and will then remain as a permanent legacy facility for local recreational use after the games’ conclusion.

In order to further enhance the design and features of the ice arena by night, an energy saving environmentally-friendly LED lighting system has already been installed and fully tested at the arena.

36 units of Powershine MK2 D in RGBW colour configuration with elliptical optics have been mounted in couples on very high poles located all around the arena at a prefixed distance from each other.

The powerful units allow a perfect and even distribution of a bright intense light on the whole perimetral surface of the ice arena, which now stands out whether in uniform monochromatic shades or in a seamlessly fading rainbow chasing colour effect.

GRIVEN is proud to give their contribution to the success of this event as they did on the occasion of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, where they had the occasion to illuminate, with the help of over 1700 LED lighting fixtures, two significant buildings within the Olympic Park area: Hercules Hotel Complex and the Main Media Centre.