Light contrasts at Riga Elementary school

Elementary school Friča Brīvzemnieks, Riga - LV

Founded in Riga in 1911, Friča Brīvzemnieks Elementary School is hosted by a charming, 4-storey Art Nouveau building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Conceived and fulfilled by the Latvian company LUCIDUS SIA, the lighting design of Riga elementary school aims at enhancing in a wonderful shade of warm white the relevant architectural details of the building, following a spot lighting scheme, which highlights mainly the white decorations.

A number of Parade D-W-6, 9 and 12 in warm white configuration were installed on the building façade to down light, according to their length, the different features and patterns of the school walls with a grazing effect.

The three rows of windows on the main façade, the roof-top decorations and patterns, the turrets as well as the stairstep design of the crow-stepped gables, are beautifully enlivened by an alternating illumination scheme, which, leaving selected areas of the façades in shade, creates an unexpected and at the same time revealing chiaroscuro.