The extensive experience that we have gained over the years with the CITY ELEMENTS illuminating columns has been incorporated in the development of the new CITY ELEMENTS 180 illuminating bollard. We were thus able to transfer the trusted modularity that has proven itself in worldwide projects to the new illuminating bollard and have significantly improved the ease of installation.

In short: We simply made it better.

The CITY ELEMENTS 180 illuminating bollard by Hess – the CITY ELEMENT among illuminating bollards!


The CITY ELEMENTS 180 illuminating bollard is comprised of a base element and a top element. You have a variety of options to choose from: Thanks to its modularity, the CITY ELEMENTS 180 illuminating bollard is a prime example of versatility.

Don’t you agree?

The CITY ELEMENTS 180 illuminating bollard complements the CITY ELEMENTS illuminating columns in a perfect way and with an unprecedented stringency.

Modularity and versatility made by Hess.

 Modular design –
 consisting of a base and top element and thus freely configurable
 Bayonet fitting –
 for simple connection of base and top element
 Top element –
 already sealed ex works
 High-performance LED modules –
 with 9 up to 28 watts of power
 Internal shade (optional) –
 can be fitted on the top element ex works or at a later point in time


Motion detector –
now available as standard

CRVE base element available with:
GS 0 = without equipment (provided by others)


Do you want a top element with completely different optics, with/without dimming, with a wide variety of control systems? Or a top element that is equipped with a motion detector or is also suitable for emergency power as an option?
No problem.

Do you need a base element with an embedded base or with a flange plate, with or without an inspection door, with a socket or a key switch as an option? That's also no problem.


The ability to customize the colour scheme of illuminating columns can intensify emotions. Colour is a powerful design element. Colour adds character and is a truly urban element. Which makes colour a CITY ELEMENT.

Whether white, red, green, grey, blue or black– which colour is your colour?

CITY ELEMENTS by Hess. Individual and unique.


CITY ELEMENTS, from Hess, is a multifunctional lighting system suitable for meeting all requirements in a smart city and in a smart urban space.

The potential of CITY ELEMENTS columns goes far beyond mere illumination thanks to their modularity: From loudspeakers, cameras, illuminating elements, power and water connections to charging infrastructures for e-mobility. Thanks to the individually combinable elements, diverse and additional functions and supply solutions are offered.

For the urban requirements of today and tomorrow.