Sustainability and ecology in outdoor lighting

Our new light color Amber (1800 K)

The issues of species and environmental protection are more present in our society than ever before. Through the use of efficient LED luminaires, precise light control and digital light management, lighting technology is already contributing to a reduction in light immissions, or "light pollution". With the introduction of the warmer 2700 Kelvin light spectrum, we have been taking these needs into account for quite some time.

However, awareness of sustainability and ecology continues to develop, and so does the lighting technology. Our new light colour Amber (1800 K), the "yellow light", is the answer to the increasing requirements and demands of sensitive outdoor areas and their creatures. For example, luminaires with amber-coloured LEDs are often used in so-called "star parks", officially designated regions with a night landscape worthy of special protection and a very starry sky. They are also used, for example, at tourist sites or in parks that require extremely comfortable lighting.

Our phosphor-converted amber is in a high, reddish colour spectrum. Blue components and their effects on humans, animals and the environment are reduced. In contrast to the colour Real Amber, Amber (1800 K) has a better efficiency, furthermore the spectral distribution is larger, due to the phosphor. This ensures better colour rendering of illuminated surfaces and objects.

All our luminaires equipped with LEVO 3 and LEVO 3L can be equipped with the new light colour. In this way, the special aspects of environmental protection and attractive outdoor design are combined!

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