Enhancing urban spaces with shadow and light!

“All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is composed of shadow and light.“ – Tolstoy

Created as part of a very prestigious project for the city of Dusseldorf and having teamed up with renowned architects and lighting designers, we have developed a completely new type of luminaire that creates atmosphere in a very special way.

From basic illumination that discreetly blends with the surroundings to exciting effects of shadow and light – with SHADOW LIGHTS, all options are open to you.

Nearly hidden light sources do not emit stray light upwards into the sky, meeting “dark sky” requirements. This way, the urban space is designed in a mindful way while atmospheric and astonishing effects are created.

It is up to you: either preset spotlights with a fixed lighting configuration or spotlights individually controlled and aligned referring to the space’s needs – as you desire.

Let the urban space become the stage of life. Design that stage with shadow and light – exciting and dramatic. Be the director of this outdoor stage.

Hit the stage