Edition 1 | 2021

This issue of our Lightletter is about the future and perspectives. We thus dedicate ourselves to the topic of “electric mobility”, which is pioneering for our climate and the cities of tomorrow – we highlight trends, potential and the status of implementation.

We will also take you on a journey to our reference projects in Campbells Cove in Australia, to Schwieberdingen in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and to Berlin. In these places, we have helped to shape the future and create innovative perspectives using light as well as multifunctionality and design.

When it comes to the future and perspectives, our new products should not be forgotten – such as the „REVARA“ luminaire, which combines sophisticated design and high functionality in an ideal way. Neither should our CITY ELEMENTS illuminating bollards, into which our years of experience from the development of the bollards, have been perfectly incorporated.

We have also expanded our service area: With the RENO ELEMENTS configurator, you can create your own dream luminaire. At the same time, the new DIAlux Plug-in provides you with an innovative software tool for professional lighting design at your fingertips.

Have fun while reading!