Light & art in urban space

Lightletter 1 | 22

Staging and revitalization, communication and interaction, orientation and identity. Light and art in urban spaces are as complex as the composition of the light spectrum. This issue of our customer magazine is therefore all about this interplay and the realisation "made by Hess" - including unique projects in Dusseldorf, Singen on Lake Constance and in Melbourne, Australia. 

Discover the fascinating way in which light and art interact and the possibilities offered by Hess products and special solutions - including the brand new SHADOW LIGHTS, developed for the award-winning "Kö-Bogen II" project in Dusseldorf city centre. Clemens Tropp from TroppLighting and Lutz Büsing from the architecture and design office solonero talk in an interview about the idea and the realisation of this extraordinary luminaire.

In addition to other new products, we introduce our "Vulkan" brand. With the new CITY ELEMENTS configurator, you can create your own multifunctional CITY ELEMENTS with just a few clicks. You will find these and many other topics in our new Lightletter!

Enjoy reading it!