Waste receptacle PUNTO 700

80.30901.1V003 KES + ASCHER + FQ

Frame and container made of steel, galvanised. Disposal opening reduced in size. Container can be tipped forward for emptying. Triangular lock. Insert made of PE plastic or metal. Also available with ashtray as optionally integrated or attached version. Available with flange, embedded base or wall attachment. Capacity: Punto 500 = 32 l, Punto 700 = 45 l

Waste receptacle PUNTO 700

Waste receptacle PUNTO 700
Frame and container of galvanised steel
Reduced opening
Container can be tipped forward for emptying
Triangular lock
Light-weight liner of polyethylene PE (45l)
With flange plate 180x150mm with 2 holes ø 14mm
Including ash receptacle
Colour: DB 703 or all RAL- (classic- single shades),
Hess-DB and Hess-Glimmer-colours.
RAL pearl-mica-metallic-shades on request.

Technical specifications

Light-weight liner of polyethylene , Attached ash receptacle
Capacity [l]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]



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