Fit for the future with the H3000 replacement module! The H3000 replacement module is a true all-rounder when it comes to LED retrofitting. With the H3000, we ensure that you can convert your existing, high-quality and often style-defining Hess luminaires to state-of-the-art and extremely efficient LED technology – without any problems and while retaining your familiar cityscape.

Technical details

Consisting of an LED unit and a support plate. Rectangular module body made of cast aluminium. Luminaire enclosure made of single-pane tempered safety glass. Round plate made of aluminium sheet, painted. Mounted as a unit using a support plate on the existing luminaire via existing fixing points. Light colours: 1800 K / 2700 K / 3000 K / 4000 K protection rating I or II.

To select the round plate, please specify the luminaire model and, ideally, the article or order number of the luminaire to be retrofitted.

You will find further technical data if you have specified a variant.

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