Wilhelmsplatz, Bamberg - DE

Wilhelm Square, Bamberg: Update for an important junction

Centrally located and surrounded by historical buildings worth seeing, Wilhelm Square in Bamberg is a striking and important gateway to the city centre. Luminaires from Hess were already used in the course of the redesign of the circular square in 2011. Now, these have been replaced by new ones.

Eye-catcher based on historical model

Before the former redesign, Wilhelm Square was in a structurally poor condition, the traffic routing was one-sided, which was hardly sufficient for the complex traffic situation. Finally, extensive sewer work in the years 2007 – 2009 laid the foundation for a general restructuring. The goal – to combine traffic efficiency with urban attractiveness and, at the same time, to design the square inspired by the historical model – was achieved at the time.

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Ring-shaped bundeling of traffic routes

In this way, the “square of rings” was created in 2011. Designed in a nested manner, with successive circles from the inside to the outside: The central island as the central core, then a road, followed by a mixed-traffic area including a cycle path and resident parking spaces, arranged in an arc, continuing with a green strip including trees and a pavement along the buildings. In addition to the visual effects, thanks to the roundabout, the capacity of the important junction as well as its safety were increased. Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists have since benefited from the well-designed arrangement.

Hess luminaires accentuate the importance – during the day and at night

The earlier redesign of the important square naturally also included appropriate equipping with attractive luminaires. At that time, Hess was chosen. And now, the update is also coming from Hess – with two absolutely top of the line luminaires: REVARA and RESIDENZA, a mix of powerful, reduced, stylistic design as well as a wealth of variants and versatility.

In detail: The 15 REVARA L 1400 luminaires with optics, especially for main thoroughfares, were newly installed directly at the roundabout – in the light colour 3000 K. The luminaires are all equipped with CLM (Constant Lumen Management), this means that the integrated electronics keep the luminous flux constant over the luminaire’s service life by increasing the current. Furthermore, the luminaires are dimmed to 50 % via AstroDIM from 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 am.

The path surrounding the roundabout was equipped with 16 RESIDENZA luminaire heads on double brackets. The LED luminaires feature O8 optics (rotationally symmetrical light distribution) and also have a CLM function. Here, the light colour is also 3000 K. Via the intelligent AstroDIM control, the luminaires are also dimmed to 50% at the same time, i.e., from 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 am.

Then as now, an all-round success – here in the truest sense of the word.

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Bamberg, Germany
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