Water front, Tel Aviv - IL

Promenade in Tel Aviv lights up

Tel Aviv‘s promenades are commonly bustling with activity: By day, visitors and residents go for extensive walks on the palm-lined coast path from the port in the north down to the historic Arabic suburb Jaffa in the south. In the evening, they visit inviting restaurants, beach bars and cafés, especially night owls get their money’s worth.

Modernisation with CITY ELEMENTS

The 4km long coast line with passenger car lane, cycleway and footpath was already created in the early 80s. In the course of a modernisation commissioned by the city of Tel Aviv the promenade is currently undergoing a redevelopment whereby the existing globe luminaires are sectionally replaced by high-quality CITY ELEMENTS light steles of Hess.

These 6m high illumination columns impress with elegant design at day and realise an atmospheric illumination of the promenade at night. A special weatherproof powder coating protects the columns from weather effects through the strong salt-laden see air.

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Project-specific lighting solution

Multifunctionality desirable

Already at the beginning of the planning, the project partners set great value to functional luminaire models that both can cope with the lighting requirements and the extreme climatic conditions. “The high humidity and strong UV-radiation require a special surface treatment of the luminaires in order to prevent corrosion damages in the long run”, summarises lighting designer Michal Kantor from M.K. Lighting Design the specific parameters.

Considering the new conceptualised pole spacings of 20 metres, it was necessary to illuminate big parts of a way from only one single point of light. “We wished to have minimum presence of light poles and fixtures”, adds the expert.

Form in accordance with function

The multifunctional lighting system CITY ELEMENTS from Hess convinced with regard to design and lighting technology. The light steles are equipped with either one or two light exits in the top and intermediate element in order to illuminate the well-spaced footpath homogenously and glare-free. Two reflectors positioned on top of each other with asymmetric and rotational symmetric light distribution as well as 150 and 70 Watt HIT-CE-lamps with the latter model variants enable high quality of light.

Resistant against wind and weather

Hess as expert for special solutions was able to fulfil even these most pretentious criteria regarding the resistance of the luminaire surface with a specially aligned structure of the coating layer. In a complex process, the surfaces of the CITY ELEMENTS were thereby coated differently inside and outside.

The 1.5 metres at the lower end inside of the CITY ELEMENTS are protected by an anodized layer (pre-anodization) and a second layer of powder coating. Even more extensive are the coating procedures for the outer surface of the luminaires: 2 layers of epoxy resin powder coating were applied on the pre-anodized surface. An additional, final layer powder coating, which is very UV resistant and weatherproof, seals the surface.

The special pre-anodization as pretreatment and the subsequent three-layered powder coating with a layer thickness of approx. 200µm ensures maximum corrosion protection of the category C5-M. This corresponds to the highest safety class against climate-induced impacts through strong salt-laden see air or high humidity as it is the case for the coastal location of Tel Aviv.

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