Sundbyberg, Sweden - SE

A successful symbiosis of light and copper

Custom-made Hess luminaires combine the past with the present in Swedish Sundbyberg.

In the Swedish municipality of Sundbyberg, not far from Stockholm, copper contributes in various ways to the identity of the city: In the 19th century, many large manufacturing companies had already settled here to make cables as well as telephone and electricity lines from precious metals. Back then, the newly established settlement of Sundbyberg attracted many working-class families from Stockholm due to a lack of living space in the capital. Ultimately, an increasing population transformed the settlement into a booming industrial city at the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, numerous sculptures are a reminder of the once crucial industry branch and its "raw material". The sculptures themselves are made of just that material, namely copper and bronze, and have become striking features of the cityscape. A collection of selected masterpieces, among them works by the renowned artists Bror Hjorth, Henri Laurens and Marino Marini, is displayed in the extensive Marabou park, which was awarded the title 'most beautiful city park' in Sweden as part of a competition in 2008.

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Lighting master plan presents the city's history in a new light

Focus on identity and atmosphere
With the implemented lighting master plan for the city centre of Sundbyberg, copper also plays a vital role as part of the illumination concept: Custom-made pole-mounted luminaires of the RESIDENZA type by Hess, with special copper coloured design elements integrated in the luminaire heads, illustrate the key role of copper for the development of the city and ensure high light quality as well as glare-free illumination for a feel-good ambience in the city.

Designed by the Stockholm design agency Ljusarkitektur, the master plan defines various lighting characteristics that illuminate the city centre and at the same time take the identity-forming features of Sundbyberg into account.
Thus, one of the features of the lighting concept for the main shopping street Vasagatan in the centre of Sundbyberg is called "Light and Copper". Thanks to the immediate proximity of the street to the former cable factory “Sieverts Kabelverk”, which has been part of the Ericsson telecommunications company since 1930, the traces of the past are still omnipresent.

Project-specific lighting and special solution by Hess

Special copper-coloured design elements ensure a warm light and an elegant daytime effect of the luminaires
To implement this sophisticated lighting concept, the lighting designers together with Hess developed a customised special solution.

Thus, the selected elegant Hess luminaires of the RESIDENZA type were equipped with a copper cover and a specially made copper-coloured design element with a pattern of holes. The special luminaire inserts refer not only to the history of the city, but also produce a reddish colour shimmer of the evenly emitted light, that provides a pleasant atmosphere.

Project information

Town / Country
Sundbyberg, Sweden
Lighting design
Lighting design / luminaire development:
Clara Fraenkel, Lighting designer PLDA, Architect SAR/MSA
Deike Ladwig, MSc Architectural Lighting Design, BA (Hons) Architecture

Lighting calculations:
Majid Miri, Ljusarkitektur – part of ÅF Lighting
City of Sundbyberg
Landscape architect
LAND arkitektur