Town Hall, Leonberg - DE

Belforter Platz – home of the new city hall

Located in the centre of Baden-Württemberg, Leonberg is the third-largest city in the Böblingen district, behind Sindelfingen and Böblingen. Conveniently connected to the A8 and A81 motorways, the city is an extremely attractive location for business as well as for its citizens.

In June 2015, a very special event took place in Leonberg: The ground-breaking ceremony for a new city hall on Belforter Platz set the course for the future while simultaneously heralding the end of an era spanning more than 500 years for the old and venerable city hall on Market Square in terms of it serving as the offi cial seat of the city administration.

© Hess | © Swen Carlin

City hall forecourt an important part of the design concept

Within the framework of the modern, six-storey new building, the redesign of the forecourt represented an essential aspect of the design concept. “In regard to urban development, a striking location in front of the new city hall, between the historic district and the building structures of the 20th century, needed a point of juncture appropriately linking the topographical and urban structures with the public functions located on the ground floor of the city hall,” says Dominik Heni from the Leonberg City Administration Buildings Department.

At the same time, the square meets a wide variety of usage requirements. It does this by skilfully connecting existing pathway links and providing a meeting point and liveable space for locals to gather in.

ARINI luminaires provide highlights – by day and at night

The luminaires seamlessly fit into the superlative overall concept of the city hall forecourt. Expressive ARINI luminaires from Hess were selected. For Dominik Heni, ARINI defi nitely refl ects the square’s expression of design, which is characterised by contrasts.

Nature inspires the ARINI shapes in a markedly eye-catching manner. Against the backdrop of the functionally austere city hall façade, the contrasting ARINI forms achieve a very special daytime look.

The combination of the selected RAL 7016 (anthracite-grey) fi nish with inlay of bright paving stones and a bright façade, further emphasizes the special appeal during the day.

Furthermore, the objective was to transform the space in the evening and night hours into a lively and atmospheric square with liveability factors and a sense of safety through successful interplay of bright and less bright surfaces – and to accomplish this with just a few luminaires that are nevertheless quite special.

In order to achieve optimum lighting results, ARINI’s “G 9000” variant was selected. There are a total of three curved masts, which make a dramatic impression from their height of nine metres. Two masts were equipped with three ARINI luminaire heads each and a third with four ARINI luminaire heads.

In the selected “Light+” design, they represent a further highlight. In addition to lighting of the square with the selected light colour of 4000K, the illuminated end caps – in warm white in this application – introduce an additional accent.

To top it all off , there’s another very important aspect: The ARINI was developed as a multifunctional luminaire and can be equipped with SMART CITY elements as required.

If WLAN, speakers, cameras or GOBOs are ever desired, it is relatively straightforward to expand the ARINI lighting system with an additional beautiful eff ect: The expression of design and thus the very important daytime look are not aff ected by these changes, since the components mentioned can each be perfectly integrated into the ARINI housing.

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