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A new building shown in a favourable light and with the best design

As a specialist dealer for warehousing and facility equipment, the family company Kohler near Tuttlingen has been designing and selling organizational and facility solutions which meet the demands of a wide range of work stations and workplaces all over Baden-Württemberg, in parts of Austria as well as in Switzerland. The specialist dealer places great value on efficient organization systems and an optimal use of the existing room capacity.

Kohler Betriebseinrichtungen focuses on luminaires from Hess at its new site

Kohler's newly built exhibition and administration building at the Immendingen location, which the company moved into in 2015, also meets the highest standards of functionality and efficiency. The "L-shaped" building complex provides ideal work, storage and exhibition possibilities and is characterized by its especially sustainable energy concept: In addition to the well-insulated building envelope, the heating system obtains the necessary warmth from a photovoltaic system. Additionally the entire indoor and outdoor lighting is equipped with the most modern and energy-saving LED technology.

LINEA pole-mounted luminaires and GENUA illuminating bollards from Hess present the outdoor area of the new company headquarters in an attractive light – during the day and at night.

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Luminaire design in harmony with the building's architecture

Minimalist design, high lighting quality

The outside facilities include twelve parking spots, which are located directly in front of the building and an extra wide footpath which leads to the entrance area. In the evening hours, the lighting of the parking area is provided by two LINEA LED pole-mounted luminaires with a mounting height of 4.5 metres. With their minimalist design in an L-like form, they blend in perfectly with the building's architecture. For Kohler's managing director Klaus Ulrich, this was an essential criterion in the selection of luminaires. "Their clear lines fit superbly with our new building" he says.

The LINEA luminaires also feature outstanding lighting technology results. Equipped with two high-performance LEVO LED modules each, in the light colour 4000 K, they provide a very high light quality. And due to the asymmetric light distribution, the light falls exactly and uniformly on the desired area.

Illuminating bollards set accents in front of the entrance

GENUA illuminating bollards from the AVANGARDO 2 collection from Hess, that also ideally match the given architecture with their extremely clear design, complete the lighting concept. In addition to the high-quality design, the GENUA bollards also have a lot to offer at night. A specially designed LED module with a system capacity of 13 watts and a very broad, asymmetrical light distribution provides adequate path lighting up to the building entrance.

Managing director Klaus Ulrich is entirely satisfied with the results. "Design, LED lighting technology and quality go hand in hand for Hess luminaires. They meet our challenges in every respect, whether during the day or at night," he concludes.

"Design, LED lighting technology and quality go hand in hand for Hess luminaires. They meet our challenges in every respect, whether during the day or at night"

Klaus Ulrich
Managing director
Kohler Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen

AVANGARDO 2-collection from Hess

Predestined for integrated lighting concepts

The successful AVANGARDO range from Hess has been setting standards in outdoor and building lighting for over 20 years. The AVANGARDO 2-collection features products which have been technically revised and further developed as well as additional new models – in proven and well-known Hess quality.

Variety in form, material and technology

The products from the AVANGARDO 2-collection are specially designed for buildings and their surrounding areas. The collection includes a variety of luminaire families. They have an extraordinary, yet for Hess typical, expression of design as well as high-quality treated surfaces. The families consists of several product groups each – for example wall luminaires or illuminating bollards – which result in a holistic concept all around the building.

Value retention, durability and reliability: Hess uses only selected materials for the AVANGARDO 2 luminaires, such as steel, aluminium and cast aluminium combined with borosilicate, polyacrylic or single-pane tempered safety glass. And, due to the use of the most innovative LED technology, they are highly efficient.

Highlights for highly diverse architectural surroundings

Regardless of whether a modern or historic ambience: With their timeless expression of design, the AVANGARDO 2 products fit perfectly into any surroundings and as a result of their design, are visual highlights in their own right. The combination of products from the same luminaire family enables uniform and attractive design of lighting and design solutions.

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