Lakefront Park, Kissimmee - US

Kissemmee Lakefront Park

City Elements columns with color-changing LED sources perform an enchanting light show for visitors at night, making this our latest featured project.

Major renovation for greater functionality

Kissimmee Lakefront Park underwent a major renovation, officially reopening to the public in April 2013. Bordering streets and utilities around the site were realigned, allowing the existing park to be reconfigured for greater functionality. New amenities include picnic areas, playgrounds, a fishing dock and boat ramp, performance stage, and open grassy areas for events. The centerpiece of the project is Ruby Plaza, which unifies the expansive twenty-five acre park and serves as a gateway to downtown City of Kissimmee.

© AECONM / Michael Brown

Lighting solution

Light and ambiance

The distinctive semi-cylindrical opal lenses encompass the shaft from two sides, providing a linear lighting element for colored visual accenting. Each column has two color-changing RGBW light engines, powered by electronic drivers with built-in sequencing and DMX control capability. The columns are programmed to predetermined scenes for different events and times of the year.

AR900 top elements with cylindrical lenses and Type V optics were incorporated into the columns located in open, expansive areas to provide uniform illumination throughout. Perimeter mounted columns located along the promenade and other walkways used AA900 elements with asymmetric optics to minimize spill light. Both configurations utilize 70w T6 ceramic metal halide lamps.

Agency recognition goes to International Lights in New York for their work with the lighting consultant during the conceptualization of the project; and to Landreth, Inc in central Florida for their attentive assistance throughout the order process, especially participation in the on-site programming of the DMX scenes. Successful outcomes don’t happen by accident, they are achieved!

Project information

Town / Country
Kissimmee, US
Lighting design
Horton Lees Brogden
City of Kissimmee (Florida, USA)
Landscape architect
AECOM Landschaftsarchitekten