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Baybrook Mall – A modern shopping experience in Houston, Texas

With the new Outdoor Lifestyle Center, the “Baybrook Mall” has become an exclusive shopping, relaxation and entertainment destination that offers a comfortable visit at any time of the day. And in the evening hours, visitors can take the opportunity to reflect on the day’s variety of impressions in a pleasant lighting atmosphere...

Baybrook Mall – A modern shopping experience in Houston, Texas

Expansion of the second-largest shopping mall in the metropolitan region

The “Baybrook Mall” shopping centre, in the immediate vicinity of the famous NASA Johnson Space Center (the coordination centre for the US manned space programme) in the southern part of Houston’s city centre, is one of the largest shopping centres in the metropolitan region. A comprehensive expansion has recently made the “Baybrook Mall” more attractive in many ways: On a fully let retail space of around 167,000 square metres, it offers a special combination of entertainment, relaxation and unlimited shopping pleasure.

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Highlight: The Outdoor Lifestyle Center – with luminaires from Hess

Among others, the new attractions include the Outdoor Lifestyle Center, a multi-use area surrounding a generous open-air square called “The Lawn”, which is as large as a football field. 30 new businesses and 10 restaurants were established in ten new buildings. The CAMPONE and CITY ELEMENTS 230 luminaires from Hess provide uniform and atmospheric lighting in the newly developed areas in the evening and at night.

Inviting seating, shady paths, a large digital projection screen and a stage, as a venue for different shows and events, make the green area a desirable meeting place and an accessible recreational area.

Focus on design, energy efficiency and lighting quality

The CAMPONE and CITY ELEMENTS 230 luminaires from Hess fit perfectly in the new architectural environment of the Outdoor Lifestyle Center.

The CAMPONE surface-mounted luminaires, with their conical luminaire body made of cast aluminium and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), not only set attractive optical accents along the walkways but at the same time, also provide uniform illumination.

Powerful LEVO LED modules ensure the energy-efficient operation of the luminaires. Each CAMPONE luminaire head is fitted with two LEVO modules, in the light colour 3000 K (warm white), for a high quality of light.

The 3.6 metre high CITY ELEMENTS illuminating columns, with a diameter of 230mm, provide illumination in the outdoor area surrounding the stage. To achieve this, the lighting characteristics were adapted: AR 900 terminating elements, with 1 LEVO LED module each, provide a rotationally symmetric and homogeneous light distribution in the immediate surrounding area.

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