Ampersand, San Diego - US

Amp&rsand: Welcome to the modern workspace!

In San Diego (USA), the former site of the daily newspaper, the Union-Tribune, was acquired and extensively renovated by building contractors following its closure. As a reminiscence of the past, the present name of the site – Amp&rsand – includes an “AND symbol (&)”.

This builds a bridge to the past since the “&” is the last letter in the typesetter’s alphabet and was the last character printed before the closure of the site.

Last year this site opened its doors again and since then, has shone, in the truest sense of the word, as a first-class corporate campus with many comforts. The new campus is a response to the current trend towards a lively and modern workplace.

Located in the heart of San Diego and perfectly connected to numerous federal highways and public transport, Amp&rsand can be reached quickly and conveniently by the employees of the companies that rent space there. Amp&rsand thus also presents itself as one of the most commuter-friendly locations in San Diego.

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The premises comprise two buildings with a total area of 330,000 square feet, comprised of offices and meeting rooms, located on 13 acres of property.

The newly designed creative workspaces offer a very high level of comfort, such as parking and concierge services, an indoor/outdoor fitness studio as well as outdoor areas with an open-air amphitheatre.

The large number of sunny days a year were also taken into account in the redesign of Amp&rsand. Generous outdoor areas were created, including outdoor workspaces and areas for relaxation and well-being, e.g. in the form of patios and courtyard areas.

The buildings themselves are connected by an inner courtyard and sky bridges linking the second and third floors. In keeping with the style of industrial lofts, the buildings were designed with bricks, columns and large windows.

In order to meet the requirements of this unusual concept and to do justice to the pleasant atmosphere, simple and restrained LINEA illuminating bollards were selected as part of the lighting concept.

On the entire property, LINEA bollards illuminate the numerous footpaths as well as the inner courtyard. The 3000K colour temperature provides warm and atmospheric lighting in the evening and perfectly complements the conditions of the almost always cloudless sky over San Diego.

The high-performance bollards can be installed widely spaced apart and generate effective, uniform illumination with high visual comfort.

Due to their robust construction and high-quality materials, they are especially resistant to external influences. The anthracite LINEA bollards, with their geometric form, impressively and harmoniously complement the overall appearance of the buildings.

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