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Sophisticated design meets high functionality. The REVARA combines the best of both worlds. A high design standard goes hand in hand with many technical refinements and a simplicity that is more than impressive in terms of installation and maintenance of the luminaire.

See for yourself how well thought-out the concept of the REVARA is!

The design offers a slim, reduced form and style-defining elements at the same time. The characteristic ribbed structure of the luminaire, deliberately designed as a visible element and connection cables enclosed by a fabric tube, or also the use of identical radii, all form striking design features which ensure an extremely attractive and harmonious appearance.

The REVARA is thoroughly refined and well-thought-out. This means that the luminaire can be opened very easily and the electricalunit as well as the glass or the seal can be replaced without difficulty – without any tools.


With a system output of up to 97 watts, the REVARA is ideally suited for mounting heights between 4.5m and 8m. A variety of optics as well as the possibility of connecting a wide range of dimming and control systems ensure maximum performance, flexibility and efficiency.


IES / LDT Paket