Impressive during the day – highest quality of light at night

The FARO combines modern design with quality of light par excellence. The modern design impresses during the day, and the extremely high quality of light makes an impression at night. This means the FARO is perfect for use in very tastefully designed outdoor facilities. You will quickly learn to appreciate the luxury of indirect and virtually glare-free light.

Technical details

Luminaire for glare-free, symmetrical, indirect lighting. Square luminaire canopy made of aluminium, illuminated from below. Secondary reflector in luminaire canopy made of special plastic with single facets, surface coated with ultra-pure aluminium with 2x protective finish. Cylindrical luminaire body made of galvanised steel, integrated in the pole. Downwardly tapered conical steel pole, galvanised, optionally with embedded base or flange plate. Light colour: 3000K/4000K. Protection rating I or II.

FARO 720: Luminaire canopy with 324 facets.

FARO 960: Luminaire canopy with 576 facets.

LED Lifetime
L80 B10 / 85.000h - TA <= 25°C
L70 B10 / 50.000h - TA >25 - <=50°C
Ingress protection

You will find further technical data if you have specified a variant.

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