Light, multifunctionality and design – inspired by nature

ARINI: Light, multifunctionality and design – three elements that we have combined in a unique lighting system. With light, multifunctionality and design, this lighting system ensures a high degree of security, communication, networking and attractiveness in urban areas – and thus also high quality of life and an atmosphere that invites you to linger.


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Technical details

Four curved steel luminaire brackets, galvanised, each with three holders for ARINI heads. Base element for four steel luminaire brackets, galvanised. For holding one to twelve ARINI heads in fixed positions. Unused holders are closed by a cover cap.

Can be equipped with: Light, Light+, CCTV, GOBO, SPEAKER and HiFi SPEAKER as well as WiFi

Luminaire head and shield plate made of die-cast aluminium. Luminaire cover made of PMMA. Adjustment of the luminaire head in 10° increments, horizontal max. 120° and vertical max. 130°. Adjustment of the shield plate by 360° possible. Light colour: 3000K/4000K. Two axially symmetric and three rotationally symmetrical optic variants available.

ARINI Light: End cap made of PC, painted. Protection rating I or II. Equipment: LED approx. 54W

ARINI Light +: End cap made of PC, partially satin-finished on the inside, polished on the outside. If illuminated with RGBW, three controller variants (CASAMBI, DMX, DALI) are available. Protection rating I or II. Equipment: LED up to approx. 60W

ARINI CCTV, GOBO, SPEAKER: End cap made of PC, painted.

ARINI WiFi: End cap made of PC, black.

Ingress protection
LED Lifetime
L70 / 25.000h

You will find further technical data if you have specified a variant.

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