The new dimension of in-ground spotlights

ACCADIA is a highly innovative LED in-ground luminaire with a revolutionary reflector technology. The spotlights are perfectly suited for staging impressive buildings and architectural features such as columns, arches and sculptures as well as trees and plants. ACCADIA ensures perfect lighting results in an exceptional, high-quality design.

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Technical details

Luminaire enclosure made of single-pane tempered safety glass, edge printed on the inside. Light colour: 3000K/4000K. Optionally with asymmetric or rotational symmetric reflectors. Round luminaire body made of stainless steel. Asymmetric reflectors for façade illumination, can be swivelled by 20°, 10°, 0°, -10°; rotationally symmetrical reflectors can be swivelled by 10°, 0°, -10°. Round installation housing made of stainless steel. Protection rating I.

LED Lifetime
L80 B10 / 85.000h - TA <= 25°C
L70 B10 / 50.000h - TA >25 - <=50°C
Ingress protection

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