Australian War Memorial, AU - Wellington, NZ

Description du projet

The Australian War memorial commemorates the long and close relationship between the people of Australia and New Zealand, and in particular, our shared Anzac experience of war.
It comprises 15 columns, each 6m tall and arranged in an open array on a surface of red sandstone and dark grey basalt. The Memorial’s dominant material – rugged red sandstone – is instantly recognizable as an image of Australia.
The panel in the central column is inscribed with the word ‘Anzac’. Seven more columns bear the names of the principal theatres and operations in which Australian and New Zealand forces served alongside one another.
Seven LED CE230's were installed behind the sand stone columns. They have LED AF elements to uplight the trees from underneath and also LED BS Elements for dramatic lateral lighting effects. Some of the CE poles also incorporate access doors for power points.
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Regional project

Il s'agit d'un projet de notre représentation régionale:
Walter Wendel


AU - Wellington, NZ

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Australian War Memorial
State Highway 1
6011 Wellington, NZ