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Typical Purchased Parts

Cast products:
Materials: GG, GGG, aluminium
Processes: sand casting (hand mould and mechanical mould
casting) and die casting
Materials: steel, aluminium
Types: flat, round and tubing
Poles (tapered):
Materials: steel, aluminium
Laser-cut parts + flame-cut parts:
Materials: stainless steel, steel
Lot Size: 20 to 100 pieces
Lathe work:
Materials: stainless steel, steel, aluminium
Dimensions: diameter: 60-130 mm
Lot size: 200 to 1000 pieces
Pressed metal parts:
Material: aluminium
Lot size: 20 to 100 pieces
Types: flat glass, stepped glass, shaped glass
Acrylic glass:
Materials: PMMA, PC
Types: flat pieces and pre-cut cylinders


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Mr. Alexander Horbas

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