Sustainable value creation chain

Environmental management

Environmental management is about much more for us than just adhering to laws and guidelines. We are aiming to set a good example and are always searching for ways in which to improve further.

Environmental certification

Complying with legal regulations and provisions goes without saying. Furthermore, we are certified in line with DIN EN ISO 14001, under the terms of which we undergo an annual auditing process.

Sustainable production

In order to produce, we require energy in the form of electricity, gas and water. Thanks to measures for increasing efficiency and raising the awareness of our employees about using resources sparingly, the company has succeeded in gradually reducing its energy consumption in the past few years.
Continuous measures in terms of building works and redevelopment measures improve our energy consumption further. In addition to a central heating tank with a large buffer storage tank, a modern compressor system, connected to the heating system via a heat exchanger, was installed at our site in Villingen as part of a complete renovation in 2011. As a result, 70% of the produced warmth generated by the compressor is re-fed into the heating system, which means a heat recovery rating of approximately 70,000 kWh per year.
A further heat exchanger was installed in the painting line, put into service in 2010. This heats the ambient air from the waste heating of the drying system, which helps achieve a further saving of 45,000 kWh per year.

Reducing emissions

Hess also uses an environmentally friendly energy mix at the site in Villingen-Schwenningen, which has an almost 3 times higher proportion of renewable energies compared to the national average. Therefore, the CO2 emissions of the electricity mix used is almost 43% lower than the German average.
By optimising the logistics at the site in Villingen-Schwenningen, approximately 3,000 km of driving between the production and external storage has now been saved every year contributing an important part to our resource-conserving actions.
In an effort to keep the overall output of environmentally hazardous emissions as low as possible, Hess also has an internal business travel guideline. This stipulates that, before planning a business trip, an assessment of whether it is necessary should be considered, and alternatives such as telephone video conferences should be used. If multiple people are travelling together, group travel should also be undertaken. Flights are kept to a minimum wherever possible and the use of public transport is preferred.


Complying with environmental laws and legal regulations goes without saying for us. Furthermore we set ourselves a number of objectives:
  • We are committed to building trust with the public, our customers and naturally our employees through factual information.
  • We are committed to employing innovative environment-friendly technologies as far as it is possible and economically feasible when manufacturing our products.
  • We are committed to maintaining the constant awareness of our employees for the impact their actions have on the environment and providing them with continuing education to this end.
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of environmental protection in our company. 
  • We have established precautionary measures to avoid environmental accidents and enable us to react effectively and quickly.
  • We are committed to use manufacturing practices that conserve our natural resources and eliminate avoidable wast.
  • Our company takes the conservation and preservation of the environment for future generations very seriously, which is why our executive management directly oversees this corporate area.  
  • Environmental protection is a major responsibility of individuals in leadership positions and they are expected to lead by example. Nevertheless, we expect that every employee act responsibly toward preserving the environment.