Motivated employees

Motivated employees

Our employees
are our capital.

The performance of our employees is the basis of innovation and success at Hess. Any investment in our work force is a forward-looking investment in and for our company.

To put it another way:

Investments in our employees pay off all the more where they ensure that people are happy to work for Hess and therefore stay for a long time at the company. Thus, qualifications, motivation and social skills are the criteria against which we measure and evaluate staff and new applicants.
Discrimination of any kind is forbidden by our adherence to compliance regulations, and contraventions are punished. The company offers career jobs with development opportunities. Moreover, a number of extra options allow for a good work-life balance of our employees.

Equal opportunities and diversity

We are proud that our products prove popular beyond the boundaries of Germany and Europe. But we are also international in our company itself. We accordingly employ people from both the sales and the commercial side originating from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

In dialogue with our employees

We view dialogue between employees as particularly important, and we facilitate this by providing special conference rooms. The cafeteria in Villingen is more than just a works canteen. They are a place to talk at breakfast, lunch or other times. It is communication centre and meeting place at the same time.
Highly subsidised by the company, meals and free drinks help to promote this and are a sign of our appreciation of the commitment shown by our employees. Under the internal employee suggestion programme, employee ideas are processed in a structured way and implemented where possible.

Recruitment management and professional training

Our employees provide the basis for our success. Therefore we are working together with educational establishments (ranging from schools to colleges and universities). Furthermore, we cooperate with various regional education providers offering part-time study.

Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees is very important to us and subject to continuous improvement. An external safety adviser ensures that all the necessary regulations are adhered to.