Green Portfolio

Green Portfolio

Sustainable by technology

The finite nature of natural resources poses our company with the challenge of tackling the increased and increasing demand for light with lower energy consumption. An improved illumination, more light, also means an increased sense of security at reduced energy consumption. That is why our development activities have for years been focusing on the areas of energy efficiency, using renewable energies and reducing CO2 emissions.

Green Technology

Our LED products are green. Thanks to the immense improvement in energy efficiency, we achieve a substantial saving in terms of energy and CO2 emissions compared to conventional lighting. Our highly efficient and in-house developed reflectors are also part of the green portfolio. Using reflectors helps to protect nocturnal animals as well as to decrease the disturbance of residents whose bedrooms are not illuminated unintentionally anymore. The precise directing of light via reflector technology therefore considerably reduces light pollution.
Solar lighting currently being developed is also part of our portfolio. For reasons of high energy efficiency, these lights are also fitted with LED lighting elements and equipped with a photovoltaic component which enables them to operate independently of an external power supply.
In the life cycle of a lighting system, recycling at the end of the operating life also has an important role to play. As almost all of our products largely consist of aluminium or steel, they can almost entirely be recycled and in this way help to conserve resources.


The production of cast pieces is an energy intensive process. Although depending on its purpose and processing it also allows the use of large proportions of recycled material. In this way grey cast parts such as tree grates or channel cast parts can be made of 99% steel scrap, while conical aluminium posts for example can be made of 95% recycled aluminium. The proportion in aluminium casting is lower, as only 50-75% recycled material can be used. The identical recycling proportion applies for steel, which is used for the posts and the brackets.
At the end of the operating cycle of a light, there is the issue of disposing of the system in line with legal guidelines. As our products are largely made of steel, grey cast iron, spheroidal iron, bronze or aluminium, they can be recycled to a large proportion. In addition, Hess enjoys a partnership with Interseroh, a specialist in recycling and disposal.