Villingen-Schwenningen shines completely in LEDs

In September 2017, Villingen-Schwenningen (DE) launched a very special future-oriented project – linked to an ambitious goal: The replacement of approximately 13,400 light points (in the city area as well as in the associated districts) with LEDs within 2 years!


On 1 August 2019, the time had come. After just 22 months, the project was successfully completed – without any problems or delays.
Thus the city, with its 85,000 inhabitants, is playing a pioneering role in Germany. No other city of this size has been able to completely convert to LED in less than 2 years.
Strong partners on board – SVS and Hess
The city of Villingen-Schwenningen relied on two strong partners within the framework of the replacement work. On the one hand, the city relied on the Stadtwerke Villingen-Schwenningen (SVS) [public utility company], that has been testing LED lamps on its own premises for over 13 years and commissioned the first LED test track in Germany 9 years ago. Through this and with further projects throughout Germany, the SVS has acquired a large amount of expertise which has now been utilized in this large project.
On the other hand, the city relied on Hess GmbH Licht + Form, premium manufacturer of designed outdoor luminaires and site furnishings. Hess delivered all the luminaires required for the replacement with LEDs on schedule, or in technical jargon, “just-in-time”.
High energy savings
As a result of the replacement with LEDs, the electricity costs for street lighting are now just 300,000 euros a year, which amounts to a savings of around 70 %. The savings potential can be achieved in part due to the fact that not all luminaires now shine with the same intensity throughout the night.
“The luminaires dim automatically depending on the traffic situation. However the light points along the main roads shine with greater intensity than in residential streets” says Kai-Uwe Huonker, SVS project developer.
The lord mayor, Jürgen Roth, is pleased about the savings:
“Thanks to the enormous savings, we now have 700,000 euros more at our disposal in the yearly budget than in the past. Money that we can sensibly invest in other projects. In addition, I would also like to emphasize the positive characteristics of LED lights, for example when it comes to ‘insect-friendliness’.”
Forward-thinking concept – Focus on 3 luminaire models
In the course of the LED conversion, the city is relying on a forward-looking concept. With the exception of the luminaires that characterise the cityscape, such as the FARO luminaire which is present in the city centre and sets accents during the day and at night thanks to its appearance and indirect light, only 3 luminaire models (chosen based on the requirements of the location at which they are installed) will be used in the future. As a result, the city reduces the complexity regarding maintenance and replacement on one hand and on the other ensures a uniform overall appearance.


Die LED-Umrüstung ist auf großes Interesse gestoßen. Oberbürgermeister Roth im Interview mit dem SWR.
Kai-Uwe Huonker (SVS) nahm ausführlich zur LED-Umrüstung Stellung.
Image 1: The LED replacement has attracted a lot interest. Lord Mayor Roth in an interviewwith SWR (radio broadcasting service).
Image 2: Kai-Uwe Huonker (SVS) gave his detailed opinion of the LED replacement.
Image 3: Lord Mayor Jürgen Roth thanked all those who participated in the projectfor the smooth and quick implementation – and is proud of what hasbeen achieved.