Elegant and decorative: VILLAGE 300

Design luminaire for holistic design solutions

The VILLAGE 300: An expressive design luminaire for the holistic design of urban spaces. Clear and minimalist in design, the VILLAGE 300 fits harmoniously into almost any architectural environment.
At the same time, the VILLAGE 300 sets accents. Characterised by five aluminium rings, that encircle the luminaire body, the luminaire appears both elegant and decorative.
The VILLAGE 300 – a luminaire that sheds a positive light on its environment.

A very attractive family

The VILLAGE 300: A luminaire that guarantees a holistic and very high-quality design approach on prestigious streets
and distinctive squares.

As a luminaire family – whether as a wall mounted, catenary suspended or pole top mounted luminaire – the VILLAGE 300 offers you every possibility of designing a very attractive urban space – during the day and at night.

A perfect presence, also technically !

The VILLAGE 300 meets the highest demands on functionality and efficiency: The most modern LED technology, a variety
of optics as well as innovative dimming systems ensure you are equipped to meet practically all lighting requirements.
Equipped with state-of-the-art and extremely powerful LEVO3 technology with a maximum rated input power of 53 watts,
it offers a variety of lighting characteristics – from asymmetric to asymmetric wide, deep or right illumination clear through
to rotationally symmetrical – and thus has an especially wide range of applications, even at heights of up to 6 meters.
The VILLAGE 300 has an important key feature: As a result of the intelligent arrangement of the LEDs, the aluminium rings, that lend the luminaire its stylistic character, do not create shadows – therefore, homogeneous light distribution and
the best lighting are ensured with maximum efficiency.
With the use of dimming systems, the VILLAGE 300 is even more efficient and convenient. Again, the choice is yours: whether DALI, StepDIM or AstroDIM.
The VILLAGE 300 – an impressive presence.

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