Design meets functionality: VARESE

A versatile LED design luminaire 

With the VARESE pole top mounted luminaire, Hess provides architects, city and lighting planners with a new, versatile LED luminaire that stands out due to his clear, minimalist design with simultaneous high functionality.

With a light source height of up to 5 metres, VARESE is ideally suited for use in residential streets, pedestrian areas and public spaces. Its timeless design ensures a uniform expression of design in various urban environments - regardless of whether they are modern or historical.

Best light quality with state-of-the-art LED technology

VARESE can be equipped with the compact and high-performance LEVO and LEVO Q LED modules from Hess. The light colours warm white (3,000 K) and neutral white (4,000 K) are available as standard selections. Additional light colours are available upon request.

The LEVO LED module is available in different optics variant:
  • ME optics: forward throw light distribution, for example for collector and through roads
  • S optics: wide light distribution, for example for local and residential roads
  • J optics: extra wide light distribution, for example for major and residential roads
The LEVO Q LED module expands the existing optics and provides rotationally symmetric light distribution of 360 degrees - for homogeneous illumination of squares and urban areas - as well as an asymmetric light distribution for a perfect road and street lighting.
Both modules can be connected to different smart dimming systems and can be replaced quickly and easily at the end of their service life.

Dimming for maximum efficiency

For VARESE the dimming Systems DALI, StepDIM and AstroDIM are available. They allow a flexible and demand-oriented adjustment of the luminous intensity to the local usage requirements. Regulating the lighting needs via predefined power stages result in high energy savings.

Further information

VARESE Brochure

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