September 18th, 2014

Technical update of the LEDIA GL handrail luminaire

Especially designed for the installation in handrails, the LEDIA GL handrail luminaire by Hess ensures a standard compliant and energy efficient illumination of staircases, bridges and footbridges. The LEDs are encapsulated in transparent plastic and thus are flush with the interior design of the handrail. Following their new comprehensive technical development, the models LEDIA GL A and LEDIA GL D offer further improved colour stability.

Same look - updated technology

Following this revision, the look and the available measurements of the handrail luminaires remain unchanged. - The LED luminaires are available in 250, 500, and 1000 mm and thus ensure compatibility with already installed LEDIA GL luminaires.
The interior of the luminaire, however was further developed: Among others, the circuit board was changed to include an optical element. This optical element is glued closely above the LED and thus ensures further improved colour stability. This also eliminates possible colour temperature shifts that may result from the direct contact of the casting compound with the LED-package. The change to a new encapsulant material adds further stability to the luminaire and prevents too much tension build up during the hardening process.
Thanks to the usage of XT-E high-performance LEDs, the current applied to the light sources is in future only 300 mA instead of the usual 350 mA. For future LED generations, the current supply may even be reduced to 200 mA - which further reduces the required energy, but the light quality remains unchanged.

Further information

Installation instructions (PDF, 774.66 KB)