New light for shopping mall in luxury casino facility in Singapore

7th August, 2013

The Marina Bay Sands resort was opened in 2010 at the same-named Marina Bay in Singapore. The 20 hectare facility includes among other things a casino, a hotel and a luxury shopping centre with showrooms of renowned international trend fashion labels and brands. Hess luminaires of the type VIGO and CITY ELEMENTS will shortly be installed in the shopping mall, which is located in the lower levels of the resort and surrounded by an impressive glass façade, to improve the illumination quality. Their timeless design blends in perfectly with the elegant appearance of the facility.

Custom light solution for 74.000 m² of retail space

Together with the renowned American lighting design office "Illuminating Concepts", specialists of Hess America have developed the lighting concept for the exclusive shopping centre, which covers a total area of approximately 74,000 m² and is mainly illuminated by daylight. It provides for 88 specially manufactured interior lighting elements that fulfil various lighting tasks in the multistorey shopping mall.

Timeless and functional: lighting columns VIGO and CITY ELEMENTS

The visually reserved appearance of the lighting columns VIGO and CITY ELEMENTS by Hess in combination with their multifunctional character corresponded to the demanding ideas of the planners. Specific lighting requirements were met with the individually adjustable elements of CITY ELEMENTS in particular.
60 luminaires of the type VIGO G with a height of 2.5 m and 28 individually combined light columns of the type CITY ELEMENTS will soon provide a better lighting quality and unique lighting atmosphere. For this purpose the CITY ELEMENTS are fitted differently in the top and intermediate element depending on their location: 12 models, for example, have a rotationally symmetric reflector in the top element, which accentuates the spaciousness of the shopping mall with a beam angle of 35 degrees. An additional lateral light emission in the intermediate element directs the light onto the walls and the adjacent paths. Another 16 columns of the same type provide the place lighting for selected locations. Thus, the rotationally symmetric reflector in the cylindrical top element with clear glass is equipped with a 70 W metal halide lamp.
The selected light steles are all custom-made for this project. With their timeless design and the uniform colour in Glimmer Eloxalbrown, they harmonise well with the ambitious architectural environment - and set the scene for the boulevards of the shopping mall not only during the evening hours.

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