Review of the customer event
"We Design Cities"

An afternoon full of
added value

In September and October 2015, Hess invited customers to exceptional events in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Villingen in keeping with its slogan "We Design Cities": Together with the guest speakers Ulrike Brandi (Ulrike Brandi Licht) and Professor Hinnerk Wehberg (WES LandschaftsArchitektur), the topics light and architecture were illuminated from different angles and their effect on attractive public spaces was discussed.

Talks with valuable content impetus

About the effect of light and architecture on attractive public spaces 

First the lighting designer Ulrike Brandi from Hamburg spoke about the meaning of lighting design for urban architecture with the title "When evening falls in cities ." Ulrike Brand specialized in the development of lighting master plans and luminaires.
"Lighting in urban landscape architecture " was the focus of the second talk from Hess sales manager Jürgen Duffner. Then Hess lighting designer Oliver Leuchtenberg, dealt with the trend topic "Architectural lighting: The third light – designing with light." Numerous case examples demonstrated the increasing importance of lighting design in public spaces.
Professor Hinnerk Wehberg from the Hamburg lighting design consultancy WES LandschaftsArchitektur, gave exciting insights into complex urban development projects from all over Germany and beyond:  In a motivating talk, the internationally renowned expert in the matter of urban design and landscape architecture, demonstrated how open spaces achieve a distinctive identity.

Get-together in a pleasant atmosphere

Following the talks, the participants took the opportunity to consider the afternoon's talks and to converse with the speakers and their colleagues in one-on-one dialogues.

"We Design Cities" in Hamburg

On 22 September 2015, the participants were welcomed in Hamburg on "Kai 10" – a floating conference and events
centre on the Elbe.

"We Design Cities" in Düsseldorf

On 23 September 2015, not far from Kö-Bogen, Hess invited customers to Design Offices Kaiserteich in the heart of Düsseldorf.

"We Design Cities" in Villingen

The last station of the event led to the Hess showplace in Villingen on 01 October 2015. Here, in addition to the event, participants could experience the wide range of designed outdoor luminaires and matching site furnishings from Hess
up close.

The particularly intimate setting of this event allowed participants to enjoy open discussions and conversations.
Photos: Hess, Design Offices GmbH

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