„Architects, not Architecture“

Review 2018

Not “New York, Rio, Tokyo”, as sung in the famous song, but rather Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Munich, Dusseldorf and Berlin – These were the stops for Architects, not Architecture, that were actively supported and promoted by Hess in 2018. You can view impressions from the year 2018 in the following video. Enjoy!

Architects, not Architecture Review 2018

“Architects, not Architecture“

For the fourth time in Düsseldorf

Already for the fourth time the successful lecture series came to Düsseldorf - and brought with Petra Woerner (wörner traxler richter), Christoph Felger (David Chipperfield Architects) and Kilian Kada (kadawittfeldarchitektur) three renowned experts of the architecture scene on stage. A big "Thank you" to everyone!

Large rush on 30th October in Düsseldorf (Germany)

Bilder: Quim Marín

“Architects, not Architecture“

For the first time in Copenhagen

A successful "Architects, not Architecture" premiere was attended by around 250 participants on 11 October in Copenhagen.
The guest speakers Kim Herforth Nielsen (3XN Architect), Tatiana Bilbao (Tatiana Bilbao Estudio) and Louis Becker (Henning Larsen) contributed with exciting lectures to an impressive evening.

Premiere in Copenhagen

A big "Thank you" to all participants and visitors!
Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

„Architects, not Architecture“

Premiere in Spain

In Barcelona, "Architects, not Architecture" succeeded a great start: about 300 architects came at their own expense on 27th September and got to know Benedetta Tagliabue
(Miralles Tagliabue EMBT),
Andrés Jaque (Andrés Jaque Architects) and Peter Cook (CRAB Studio) from a whole new angle.

For the first time in Barcelona: „Architects, not Architecture“

We would like to thank the visitors and the guest architects for the entertaining evening!
Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

Edition Frankfurt 01

„Architects, not Architecture“

For the Premiere on 18th September
in Frankfurt came more than 300 architects – and experienced an exciting evening with Jürgen Engel (KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten), Claudia Meixner (Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten) and
Michael Schumacher (schneider+schumacher).

„Architects, not Architecture“ on 18th September 2018 in Frankfurt

A big "Thank you" to all visitors as well as to the guest speakers for this unforgettable evening!
Images: Quim Marin and Irene Osei-Poku

Stuttgart 02

“Architects,not Architecture”

More than 400 architects were present in Stuttgart on June 6th – and were enthusiastic about the lectures of Tobias Wallisser (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture, Stuttgart, Berlin, Sydney), Jórunn Ragnarsdóttir (Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei Architekten, Stuttgart) and Fritz Auer (Auer Weber Architekten, Stuttgart, München)!

“Architects,not Architecture” on 6th june 2018 in Stuttgart

We warmly thank the speakers and visitors and look forward to the next events in the second half of 2018!
Photos: Julius Schmidt

”Architects, not Architecture“

Berlin Edition 02

On 29 November 2017, the architects event stopped off at the Atze Music Theatre in Berlin for the second time. Three Swiss architects were invited, who reported on formative lessons and experiences: Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff (Office Ludloff+Ludloff, Berlin),
Max Dudler (Office Max Dudler, Berlin/Frankfurt/Zurich) and 
Mario Botta (Mario Botta Architetti, Mendrisio).

“Architects, not Architecture“ on 29th November 2017 in Berlin

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the speakers and visitors and look forward to actively supporting the event series starting in the second half of 2018!
Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

“Architects, not Architecture“

Hamburg Edition 06

The sixth event of ‘Architects, not Architecture’ took place on 23rd November 2017 in the Miralles Hall of the State Youth Music School in Hamburg. During the evening, three internationally renowned top architects fascinated the audience with refreshing lectures about their lives: Odile Decq (Studio Odile Decq, Paris),
Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects, London) and
Massimiliano Fuksas (Studio Fuksas, Rome/Paris/Shenzhen, China).

“Architects, not Architecture“ on 23rd November in Hamburg 

Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

“Architects, not Architecture“
Düsseldorf 03

A complete success

For the third time, “Architects, not Architecture“took place in Düsseldorf. At Tanzhaus NRW on 9th November 2017, three renowned architects, namely Christa Reicher (rha Architects, Aachen/Dortmund/ Vianden), Will Alsop (aLL Design, London) and Karl-Heinz Petzinka (Petzinka Architekt, Dusseldorf, and Rector of the Art Academy Düsseldorf) gave the audience the opportunity to learn about their careers in an entertaining way.

The human side of the architects

True to the motto of the event, human beings and not the architectural works were in the foreground of the lectures. The top architects provided a great deal of biographical information and talked about special events and important key moments in their professional lives.
At the end of the exciting evening, the visitors gathered for a cozy get-together to exchange ideas and expand their networks.
Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

“Architects, not Architecture“
Stuttgart 01

A look back

At the premiere of "Architects, not Architecture" on October 10th, 2017 in Stuttgart, high-ranking guests enthused: Ute Schneider (Partner at KCAP Architects & Planners, Zurich), Bernhard Karpf (Partner at Richard Meier & Partners Architects, New York / Los Angeles) and Tobias Wulf (Founder and Managing Partner Wulf Architects, Stuttgart) came to the Theaterhaus at the invitation of initiator Fermín Tribaldos. The guests experienced a very interesting evening.

Top architects provide insights behind the façade

The guest speakers talked about themselves as individuals in exciting lectures and spoke about their careers, motivations and personal milestones.
The final get-together gave the participants the opportunity to talk to each other and make valuable contacts.
We would like to thank the speakers and visitors!
Photos: Irene Osei-Poku

Review of further events in 2017 

13th September 2017 in Munich with Werner Frosch, Andrea Gebhard and Hans Nickl
15th June 2017 in Berlin with Fuensanta Nieto, Barbara Holzer and Ansgar Schulz
27th April 2017 in Hamburg with Peter Wilson, Hilde Léon and Stefan Behnisch
04th April 2017 in Dusseldorf with Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, Eckhard Gerber and Dörte Gatermann
07th March 2017 in Munich with Fritz Auer, Anna Heringer and Markus Allmann

Review of events 2016

24th November 2016 in Hamburg with Ben van Berkel, Benedetta Tagliabue and Wolf D. Prix
13th October 2016 in Düsseldorf with Joachim Faust and Susanne Gross
10th June 2016 in Hamburg with Hadi Teherani, Alexandra Czerner and Kilian Kada