A look back at “Architects, not Architecture” on 10 June 2016 in Hamburg

The human side of
leading architects

The third event in Fermín Tribaldos’ “Architects, not Architecture” series took place in Hamburg on 10 June 2016, leaving a lasting impression on the many attendees.
Hess supported the event featuring guest Speakers Hadi Teherani, Alexandra Czerner and Kilian Kada. Here, we take a look back at the highlights of the pleasant evening.

Inspiring discussions with renowned architects

Guest speakers Hadi Teherani, Alexandra Czerner and Kilian Kada provided an entertaining evening

Learn from others and listen to what they can teach us – this is the goal that moderator Fermín Tribaldos aims to achieve through his successful “Architects, not Architecture” Event series, which provides a platform for renowned architects to express their ideas. Unlike other events, the speakers do not discuss their own projects and awards. Instead, the focus is on the “human side of these leading architects, their experiences, motivations and attitudes towards life”, as the host summarises.
This is the third time Fermín Tribaldos has brought successful architects to his stage to talk openly and humorously about themselves in a series of 30 minute talks, this time featuring Hadi Teherani, Alexandra Czerner and Kilian Kada.

Around 370 people enjoyed the event

The exciting discussions in the Miralles Hall of the Hamburg State Youth Musical School were followed by around 370 attendees, including architects, designers and students. Many of them took the opportunity to talk to the guest speakers in person and network with others at the subsequent round table discussion and get-together.

Hess supported this architectural event

Hess supported the event, which has firmly established itself as a successful communication platform for architects.

“Architects, not Architecture” in Hamburg, 10 June 2016

The Miralles Hall at the Hamburg State Youth Musical School provided the stage for the architectural event

Gaining inspiration, deepening knowledge, making contacts: The markedly personal focus of the event and the pleasant atmosphere were both very well received by the attendees. The get-together after the event provided opportunities for insightful discussions.
Photos: Camila Bernal, Hess