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“Designing cities – Mastering challenges”

On 28 June 2016 Hess invited customers to the event "Designing cities – Mastering challenges" in Munich (Germany) and addressed trends and current developments in LED technology in four technical presentations. The event's grand finale was the presentation by the keynote speaker Antje Heimsoeth, in the Panorama lounge of the "MS Weitblick" with a view of Olympia Park.

Trends and current developments in LED technology

Four technical presentations from experienced specialists from WILA, Hess and Opticalight

The rapidly developing LED technology enables highly efficient lighting solutions as well as new options and areas of application. How LED influences the lighting of today and tomorrow and which new possibilities arise as a result of its use were discussed by Thomas Schneider (WILA Lichttechnik), Jürgen Duffner (Hess), Sebastian Sennewald (Hess/Griven) and Luzius Huber (Opticalight) in four captivating expert presentations.

Meeting new challenges with mental strength

Each change represents new challenges that demand entrepreneurial decisions, exceptional performance and mental strength.
As grand finale, Hess presented with Antje Heimsoeth an outstanding specialist and expert on mental strength, self-management and motivation. In her presentation "What we can learn from top athletes", she showed how the greatest challenges both in sports and in the business world can be mastered with mental strength.
Antje Heimsoeth is one of the most well-known mental coaches in German-speaking countries. She was voted "Lecture Speaker of the Year" in 2014.

Get-together in an attractive atmosphere

After the exciting presentations, the participants came together for a pleasant gathering on the terrace of the Panorama lounge and enjoyed the magnificent view of the city of Munich. During the event, conversations were held, new contacts were made and ideas exchanged.

"Designing cities – Mastering challenges" on 28 June 2016 in Munich

The Panorama lounge at the venue "MS Weitblick" offered the right framework for the customer event

Image 1: Participant arrival at the Panorama lounge of the "MS-Weitblick".
Images 2-4: Thomas Schneider (WILA), Sebastian Sennewald (Hess/Griven) and Luzius Huber (Opticalight) lectured about LED lighting technology and its design potential in city and lighting design.
Image 5: Mental coach and keynote speaker Antje Heimsoeth gave valuable tips on self-management and motivation.
Images 6-8: During the get-together, the participants enjoyed the magnificent view of the city of Munich and took the opportunity to engage each other in conversation. 
Image 9: Pierre van Lamsweerde (CEO of the Nordeon Group), keynote speaker Antje Heimsoeth, Jürgen Duffner (Hess
sales manager), Marco Walz (Head of Communications Hess/Nordeon Group) and Rainer Dupont (Hess sales) were delighted with the successful event.
Images: Hess


Official website of Excellent Speaker and Mental Coach Antje Heimsoeth:
The 23/2016 issue of the magazine Focus of 04 June 2016 included an article
about Antje Heimsoeth:

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