Project: Rohrbach Markt

Project: Rohrbach Markt

Confetti Concept

Heidelberg's south entrance received a facelift. With the completion of a comprehensive refurbishment plan, the Rohrbach Markt square is now an attractive, ultra convenient public transport axis and urban centre. Elegantly trim illuminating columns by Hess provide more than code-compliant, uniform and pleasant lighting of the streets and pedestrian areas, being without their light key design features in the streetscape's overall picture.

Project: Rohrbach Markt, Heidelberg

Heidelberg's Rohrbach Markt square is the centre of Rohrbach, the city's southern section. It is the site where 6 streets, all tram or bus lines, and important bicycle and pedestrian routes, converge in a star-like configuration from various directions. Alone the B3, a main artery intersecting the square sees over 20,000 motor vehicles daily. The increase of traffic volume and expansion of public transportation through the years severely taxed the Rohrbach Markt square to the point where it was unable to meet the volume and the functional requirements expected of a modern plaza with public transit function.
Enter ap88 Architektenpartnerschaft, Heidelberg, an architect firm with a modern concept to refurbish the 3,500-square-metre urban area completely. Their plan purposed to soften the B3's dividing effect and provide easy street crossing. Planted throughout the plaza, plane trees were placed so that with time they will form a canopy, like the alleys and squares in the South of France, uniting the sections of the plaza created by the intersecting streets.

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