... for multifunctionality in a new design!

RENO ELEMENTS – the new smart lighting system from Hess!

The RENO ELEMENTS line reinterprets the Hess DNA – as something that is new and yet trusted and proven.
From the RENO ELEMENTS, you can expect the best light and real added value through multifunctionality – in a
completely new expression of design that is minimalist and striking at the same time!

A luminaire as from a single piece – and you can take that almost literally. The extruded aluminium profiles are manufactured to the desired length in one piece, and the recesses for the ‘Elements’ are precisely cut out at the desired locations. This results in a striking as well as elegant luminaire with perfectly integrated elements – without shadow gaps.
RENO ELEMENTS: Light, multifunctionality and design at its best!
Smart light – homogeneous, efficient and intelligent.
With heights of 4.5 to 6 meters, the RENO ELEMENTS line precisely focuses on meeting the most varied of lighting requirements in urban areas. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology, it provides light that is extremely homogeneous. And by coupling them with a variety of dimming and light management systems, you increase efficiency and intelligence while transforming RENO ELEMENTS into SMART RENO ELEMENTS!
Emphasize highlights at night – stage solitary plants, fountains, sculptures or façades. That’s no problem at all with additional spotlights that are perfectly integrated into the luminaire.
Smart multifunctionality – and real added value.
The RENO ELEMENTS – developed for the urban space of today and tomorrow and equipped with elements that make life and getting together with others more comfortable and convenient, increasing the attractiveness of urban spaces. Loudspeakers, cameras, information displays, WLAN, e-mobility and external power supply create communicative, informative and interlinked living spaces. Spaces to meet, to live and to feel welcome in.
Smart design – for an impressive impact during the day.
Clear, purist, discreet. The RENO ELEMENTS line impresses with its presence. The striking rectangular design of the multifunctional luminaire creates an extraordinary daytime effect that lends distinctive character to public areas, squares, pedestrian Areas and architecturally appealing buildings.

RENO ELEMENTS – a holistic approach

Urban spaces. It’s where you meet others and where life takes place. With RENO ELEMENTS, we lend urban spaces light, multifunctionality and design – and thereby high utility as well as recreational value.

While designing the RENO ELEMENTS, we thought about an entire product family – in terms of both lighting and site furnishings: In this sense, an illuminating bollard, a barrier bollard, a waste receptacle and a bench in matching RENO ELEMENTS style. In this way urban spaces can be designed holistically.
RENO ELEMENTS: Luminaires street and site furnishings – a very smart family!


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