Hess and Thorn Lighting Open Outdoor Exhibition in Spennymoor England

December 13, 2012
Outdoor Lighting and Site Furnishings

Exhibition Opening

Together with its British sales partner, Thorn Lighting, Hess AG opened an impressive outdoor exhibition for outdoor lighting at the Thorn Academy of Light in Spennymoor, England. Over 50 architects, lighting designers and engineers came to the opening event at the end of November 2012. Andrew Pluntke, head of Hess AG' business development, welcomed the guests at the Academy.

Ruari O'Brien, Lighting Designer Enthrals Guests

Hess and Thorn were able to obtain the services of Irish-born lighting designer, Ruarí O'Brien, to speak at the event. Before establishing his own architect and lighting design firm in Dresden in 1995, O'Brien worked for several reputable firms in London New York, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Berlin. Ruarí O'Brien is very much in demand for the development of lighting master plans and lighting projects.
His talk bore the title "Light, … a winter's tale!" and was very amusing. Instead of discussing technical facts, he examined and spoke of light philosophically. The guests were delighted.

Exhibition and Information Centre

The official opening of the exhibition took place after Mr O'Brien's talk. The exhibit displays selected Hess lighting products in tasteful settings furnished with integrated site amenities from Hess' current range, including benches, waste receptacles, tree grates and bicycle racks. The products and, particularly, the statements they make when integrated offer designers, architects and customers a great deal of inspiration for their public design concepts.
Besides being used for customer visits, the exhibition will serve in future as a means of communicating vital energy efficiency information to professionals on site via the exhibited products.