March 26th, 2014 

New LED module

The symmetrical LEVO Q optics variant was added to the existing optics variants of the LEVO LED module from Hess. Thus with immediate effect, a dedicated LED module is available for rotationally symmetrical light distribution of 360° to provide homogeneous illumination of squares and urban areas.

Greater selection of luminaires with rotationally symmetrical light directing

Until now, in was only possible to implement these lighting requirements using 2 LEVO LED modules with the CITY ELEMENTS illuminating column. The new technically advanced LEVO Q module; suitable for the Hess luminaires CITY ELEMENTS, RESIDENZA, and MADRID, offers lighting designers a greater selection of luminaires with rotationally symmetrical light directing.

Compact and powerful

Centrepiece of the LEVO Q module is a square aluminium core circuit board equipped with 25 high-power LEDs in a grid pattern. PMMA multi-layer optics ensure a homogeneous distribution of light. As required, the module is available in various light colours ranging from warm white (3,000K) and neutral white (4,000K) to daylight white (5,600K). For an operating current performance of 350 to 500 mA, the LEVO Q module achieves a service life of 50,000 hours (L70).
The circuit board is tightly glued to the optics and equipped with a thermally conductive pad at the underside, so that with only 4 screws the complete module can quickly and easily be replaced.

Further additional functions are possible

As all Hess LED modules, the new LEVO Q module may be connected to smart control technology with night dimming function. A choice of four dimming systems; StepDim, Astrodim, DIMPRO, and DALI,  is available. They ensure a demand-based control of illumination for streets, paths and public places. Thanks to the individually adjusted control of complete lighting systems, high energy savings that benefit cities, towns and communities long-term can be achieved.