July 28th, 2014

Hess-luminaire FARO
with CREE LED module

The pole top mounted luminaire with secondary reflectors FARO by Hess is now available with state-of-art LED technology: A LED module with high power CREE LEDs especially developed for this luminaire model replaces the conventional halogen metal halidate lamps and ensures high and stable light quality. A retrofit kit for already existing luminaires is available.

High light quality thanks to indirect illumination

Thanks to this technical development, the luminaire head at the top pole end contains CREE LEDs with a reflector each. These spotlight reflectors (narrow beam) with a one-half-peak divergence of 17.5° are made from MIRO3 material and are bent from a fan comb. The LED module with a system capacity of 55 W is available in the light colours 3,000 K and 4,000 K. Furthermore, the dimming systems DALI, StepDIM or AstroDim allow for adaptive system control as required.

Glare-free light for varying lighting situations

Thanks to the light beam image splitting principle, the FARO luminaire ensures glare-free, indirect and symmetrical light distribution for varying lighting situations. The bottom side of the luminaire canopy is equipped with secondary reflectors made from special-purpose plastic that distribute the absorbed light uniformly on to the space to be illuminated. The front facets are metallised with ultra-pure aluminium. This increases light directing precision and efficiency as the light is not required to pass through diffuse plastic. A multi-layer protective seal gives the mirrored surface its consistent quality.