26th March, 2014

Luminale 2014 -
Biennale of lighting culture

The "Luminale" exposition takes place as part of the Light + Building. The show displays light installations by international artists and designers in and around Frankfurt and is well worth a visit. The participants focus on the key themes of the exhibition, energy efficiency and sustainability, and demonstrate new light design solutions for urban spaces. (Photo: Facade Illumination of the Frankfurt Central Station, Christian Uitz)

Ambitious light art in the centre of Frankfurt 

Furthermore, all creative lighting scenes are intended to provide examples of how the attractiveness of public areas can be increased and thus city development can be changed sustainably.
With more than 100 planned light installations a dazzling agenda is expected for the Luminale 2014. Visitors can look forward to spectacular projects such as shadow plays projected onto the Nextower, created by the Sounds of Silence Studio. You can even get creatively involved in this lighting event. With guidance, you can use your hands to project shadow plays onto the tower near the Börsenplatz.

Hotspots: Central Station and East Harbour

In addition to the usual venues of the Luminale such as Börsenplatz, Hauptwache, Römer or Palmengarten, the Hauptbahnhof (central station) as a cathedral of mobility and the Frankfurter Osthafen (east harbour) are this year's main focal points. Here the Cologne architect and urban planner Prof. Jochen Siegemund will, for example, illuminate the substation using a three-dimensional light installation. In this display blue and red lighting strips made of energy saving LEDs along the grey corrugated sheet façade symbolise the energy flows in the electricity grid.

Guided tours for professional visitors

Especially for professional visitors, the architects’ forum World-Architects.com organises free tours to the highlights of the Luminale. They always start at 8 p. m. at Paulusplatz / Pauluskirche and last approximately 2 hours. You can find further information at www.world-architects.com/en/pages/LB-14-L
Furthermore, Kulturothek will be offering “Luminale city tours” from 30 March to 04 April 2014. The tours will start daily at 9 p.m. from the Paulusplatz/Pauluskirche. Please book ahead. For further information please visit: www.kulturothek.de or phone +49 69 28 10 10.
As the “capital of passive houses” Frankfurt boasts the highest number of certified green buildings in Germany and regularly presents the prestigious “Green Building FrankfurtRheinMain Award”. In light of this, Frankfurt's municipal energy agency, together with the architectural platform Architektur im Dialog (AiD), will organise tours to the most sustainable buildings in the city from 30 March to 04 April. To register, please send an email to info@architekturimdialog.de by 20 March 2014 at the latest.

Further information

Further information about the Luminale and its diverse program can be found at the official event website