LED upgrade for Hess pole top mounted luminaires with electric blocks

The "Retrofit Kit" LED replacement module from Hess allows existing pole top mounted luminaires with electric blocks to be quickly and easily upgraded to energy-efficient LED technology. The new LED module, suitable for the OSLO, MADRID and TOLEDO luminaires from Hess, is now available.

Simple replacement, great efficiency

The "Retrofit Kit" LED replacement module is the quick way to upgrade to energy-efficient LED technology and simply involves replacing the interior of the luminaire. Nothing else is changed. Towns and communities with existing OSLO, MADRID or TOLEDO luminaries from Hess, which are still equipped with mercury vapour lamps (HME) or sodium vapour high pressure lamps (HSE) for example, can benefit from energy savings of roughly 50 to 70 percent by fitting the retrofit kit. Other benefits of the replacement LED module at a glance:
  • CE conformity applies in full, no safety or warranty restrictions
  • Soon pays for itself
  • Townscape remains unchanged, same luminaire type used
  • 3-year warranty, warranty can be extended
  • Two different lamp colours available (2.500 K et 4.000 K)

Upgrade to state-of-the-art in a flash

Installing the replacement LED module is incredibly simple: No electrical or installation work is needed because the complete electric block is replaced. The new LED electric block is still connected to the luminaire via a plug contact. Existing metal or plastic louvred reflectors, as used previously in the luminaires, can still be used with the retrofit kit.

Further information

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